About Me

Emperor Sam is a Philadelphia-based global recording artist. Originally from Nigeria, Sam has lived in and sourced inspiration from everywhere he has resided; recording in renowned studios in his second home of London, as well as Philadelphia PA, and working with label accredited engineers such as Brandon Miranda and other industry mentors. Not only does Sam write and often record his own music, but creates his own beats start to finish, with experience in various instruments. With the entrancing feel of the 808 that comes forth in his music, Sam’s unique approach creates an exciting crossover between Blues, Hip-Hop, Psychedelia, and Funk. Sam’s music seamlessly meshes the style of the 1960’s with the current decade and since releasing his first project Ocean Drive, he has sought to become one of the pioneers of these modern times. What matters most to Sam in his music journey is to keep alive the memories and sounds of the past, by syncing them with current day and always reminding his audience to “keep moving forward”.